Energy Metering Advancements

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Continued advancements in metering technology and functionality are the boundaries that SATEC continue to pursue with metering solutions.

Increased memory functions along with expansions for pulse inputs from hot water, cold water, grey water and gas meters with a modular approach are all capabilities SATEC (Australia) will be releasing throughout the course of 2016.

The ability to bring in 12 pulse inputs to a smart meter configured for three (3) single phase circuits, providing up to 4 pulses per single phase input with smart Ethernet Communications TCP/IP provides a unique approach for smart metering within embedded networks. Ethernet communications supporting four (4) open sockets allowing full openness of information for multiple software platforms to the back bone of embedded networks improves accessibility to data for multiple stakeholders.

Energy registers for daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly readings within the SATEC metering device ensures the BMS system is not burdened with traffic data congestions, allowing the BMS to free up network bandwidth.

WEB based technology for ease of accessing data for consumers provides the flexibility and the power of choice in consumer’s hands.

SATEC’s solutions in electricity billing and energy management software sets the boundaries with the ability to provide NEM12 and NEM 13 data, providing further value added capabilities to embedded networks for future needs under the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

SATEC’s value added support for data validation, programming of meters, forensic analysis, software and hardware solutions provide the technology to keep customers aligned for the ever changing energy market in Australia.