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Installation Verification

Metering installations sometimes can have issues where the wiring configuration and/or installation maybe in error. SATEC can assist in verifying wiring issues where some common mistakes may appear such as>

1)      Line and Load on direct connect (whole current meters) have been swapped.
2)      Voltage Connections for L1, L2, L3 do not match the voltage input to meter
3)      Current Transformer connections do not match the respective Voltage Input connections with respect to phase alignments
4)      Phase Vectors are in error due to incorrect connections
5)      Communication issues


SATEC can provide programming of your installed electrical metering to ensure settings to the meter have been established to ensure accurate data is being measured by the device. Metering systems require implementation as per the specific application/installation to ensure integrity of the measurement system. Common programming issues not implemented can be>

1)      System Configuration
2)      CT Ratio settings
3)      Voltage Settings
4)      Data Logging profiling (where applicable)
5)      Clock setting (where applicable)
6)      Communication settings

Data Validation

Metering installation and programming form a structure of a valid metering system, however data validation and system verification are often overlooked. Verification of the data is as essential as the installation itself and established verification tools are required to ensure data system integrity provides validation to ensure reporting process and correct information is being delivered to the system. SATEC have the experience in providing this valuable service.

Power Quality Audits

SATEC can provide portable Power Quality Analysers to verify the quality of your electrical supply to your facilities, industrial, commercial, residential. We can provide our Portable Analysers for temporary installation allowing collection of electrical data to provide reporting information. Data gathered can also be read remotely via communication options such as Ethernet or modem.

Energy Data Profiling

Energy profiling enabling trending of data and usage over various time periods can be provided, along with on-site auditing of your electrical and energy consumption. Data can be provided and recorded for daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly profiling or whatever period is required to understand your energy usage.

NABERS Accreditation

SATEC’s procedures include NABERS approved technicians to ensure our processes and information we provide to customers is of the highest integrity.