Power Measurement

Ultimate Monitoring Functionality

Precise and cost-effective multifunctional measurement/monitoring devices are required by customers (utility, industrial, or commercial) to be integrated in SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) or other automated systems. Such devices are integrated at a low level of the automated system, enabling ultimate monitoring functionality compared with analog and obsolete digital devices. Numerous electric parameters like 3-phase voltage, current, frequency, voltage/current unbalance, frequency, etc. are to be acquired and communicated to higher levels of the automated system.

SATEC’s basic (PM130 PLUS series) and upscale (PM172 series) power meters provide a precise and cost effective measurement solution for the entire diversity of our markets, spanning from major utilities to industrial and commercial segments.

These power meters are flexible enough to fit basic customer applications like analog meter replacement in switch boards (PM130 PLUS series) as well as sophisticated customer applications demanding event and data logging, higher precision, and advanced metering and communication functions (PM172 series).



SATEC’s power meters are multifunctional 3-phase power meters with over 100 electrical measurements, also offering energy metering for some models.



The PM172 series provides revenue class metering with built-in TOU function for commercial and industrial sub-metering applications.

The differentiating feature of the PM172 series is the long term event/data logging capability by use of non-volatile memory. This capability enables data analysis complementing basic power measurements and energy metering in the most advanced applications demanding fast reaction and timely corrective action.

eXpertpower™ Lite

eXpertPower™ Lite

SATEC’s eXpertPower™ Lite upgrades your power monitoring capabilities. Our online service enables remote access, logging and trending of your power measurements, even in diverse and remote locations.

SATEC devices are widely integrated in panel boards and SCADA systems (tens of thousands of devices installed worldwide).

These upscale devices can be used for distribution automation in electric utilities and electric generator applications in industrial and commercial facilities.