Asset Management

See Trouble Coming Before it Happens

Utility and industrial electrical assets like transformers, generators, breakers and protection relays, etc. are related to expensive capital equipment. SATEC devices allow continuous monitoring of this valuable equipment including power quality event recording. Thus, early diagnostics of the equipment and timely corrective actions are enabled, to avoid equipment failures and unexpected downtime causing severe damage to both electricity supplier and energy consumer. Just obtain all critical information about your asset in real time and see trouble coming before it happens. As a result, minimization of equipment down time is a way to achieve remarkable cost reductions.

Virtually all SATEC products are suitable for the asset management application. On the basis of our extensive customer experience we recommend the PM172 series coupled with eXpertpower™ Lite, as an ideal functional and cost-effective solution.

The PM172 series is being successfully used for generator assets management, for many years. The PM172 series allows basic parameter monitoring, energy metering, event/data recording, and control and alarming functions (by use of relay outputs and digital/analog inputs) required by generator asset management applications.

eXpertpower™ Lite online service compliments SATEC meters with data logging and trending capabilities, event tracking and a multi channel alarm system.



The PM172 series provide revenue class metering with built-in Time of Use function for Commercial and Industrial sub-metering applications. The differentiating feature of PM172 series devices is long term event/data logging capability by use of non-volatile memory. This capability in combination with control and alarming functions enable data analysis in the most advanced applications demanding fast reaction and timely corrective action if failure is recorded. These upscale devices are therefore ideal for asset management applications.

eXpertpower™ Lite

eXpertPower™ Lite

eXpertPower™ Lite is SATEC’s one-size-fits-all energy management solution. The online solution enables you to read data from all your meters from any place and at any time.