Problems with your billing system? Introducing SATEC's integrated platform for embedded networks.

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eXpertPower Energy Billing Software

• Can you rely on the integrity of your Electricity billing software?
• Is your billing software occasionally missing data that has to be approximated or averaged?
• Is you billing system using ‘manual reading’ or traditional communications without ‘true interval data’?
• Can your electricity billing system back-fill data automatically from interval data readings or data logged memory from your metering system?

Tenancy billing software provides a mechanism to record consumption from sources such as Electricity, Water, Air, Gas, Solar, Wind, Steam and other fuel sources and provides efficient means to invoice tenants within buildings, shopping centres, mixed-use developments, data centres etc. Traditional methods such as, manual reads or traditional communication ‘polling’ techniques, are inherent to approximations or averaging and do not provide a true representation of actual amounts.

exPertPower electricity Billing Software

WEB based software technology provides the mechanism to monitor various devices remotely over the WEB using standard internet browsers. Information is readily available for easy reporting. Usage patterns can be profiled and compared across multiple sites with information available in real-time. Comparisons and profiling of tenant’s usage patterns is possible with transparent data, and receiving invoices electronically and automatically provides more effective use of time and resources for all parties.

SATEC’s eXpertPower™ enterprise billing software is a powerful platform providing customised capabilities for extensive energy billing applications covering cost calculations such as: Time of Use (TOU) tariffs, demand or capacity charges, Transmission Use of System (TUOS) charges, Distributed Use of System (DUOS) charges, verification and benchmark energy efficiency programs, rebates, etc

Energy Billing Software - iPad

eXpertPower™ provides the ability to manage the movement of tenants in/out for billing periods, providing full sub-metering solutions for multiple tenants and the provision to profile and compare usage patterns enhancing real-time decision making. eXpertPower™ manages overlapping of billing periods automatically, prohibiting user error when generating invoices. It also easily transmits information to accounting systems, facility management software or ERP though use of the latest WEB technologies based on Microsoft’s .Net Framework – integration is now limitless for the enterprise!

Together with SATEC’s range of “Pattern Approved” Metering hardware, a total solution can be provided to ensure the analytical flow and the integrity of data is maintained for a complete billing and load management system. Complete integrity can be guaranteed by utilising data logging memory instead of manual reads or ‘polling’, such is done in many traditional billing systems.

Integrated Energy Billing Software

SATEC provides a total integrated billing system stakeholders can rely on. eXpertPower™ is offered as both an On-Premises solution and Software as a Service (SaaS – in the Cloud) making it a truly scalable, flexible and powerful system whilst providing many benefits to consumers and operators. With limitless possibilities in electrical billing solutions, eXpertPower™ covers all sectors from residential through to utility.

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