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A Smarter ‘Smart-Meter’ with Embedded Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

SATEC’s trademark direct-digital-controller within metering hardware incorporates a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) serving a breadth of applications, defining what a ‘Smart Meter’ really is.

Why use a PLC in a meter?

Days of analogue instruments are fading, as is the use of ‘pulse only electrical meters’, or to the lesser extent, real-time-meters without internal memory and an internal clock. The evolution of multi-function electrical meter sees a wide gap in technology by vendors.

A traditional Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) can perform repetitive tasks reliably at low costs. By incorporating a PLC within an electrical meter, the real understanding of ‘what a Smart-Meter’ is can finally be realised.

Traditional control systems, such as a Building Management System (BMS) or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) platforms have tended to perform monitoring and control tasks for energy management applications.

The use of a PLC within a Smart-Meter is proven to improve communication bandwidth, lower processor scan-time and improve code efficiency and effectiveness by optimising throughput.

A Meter for Engineers & Automation Professionals

BMS, PLC and SCADA generally performs most metering measurement and monitoring solutions. The rise of Energy Management Systems (EMS) is improving electrical metering systems due to several factors, particularly since electrical measurements and monitoring applications can be so vast in their respective applications.

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