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The Total Solution for Revenue Metering & Advanced Power Quality Analysis

High performance revenue metering with a comprehensive grid power quality analysis at connection points between utilities or between utility and major energy consumer is an incredible step forward compared to straightforward energy metering.

SATEC’s state of the art grid meter backed by our powerful web service represent the total solution for revenue metering and the most advanced power quality analysis. The solution includes:

eXpertMeter™ EM720

eXpertMeter™ Grid Meter

  • High performance revenue meter – Class 0.2S (per IEC 62053-22)
  • Cutting edge power quality analyzer – IEC 61000-4-30 Class A
  • Short transient recorder – down to 20 µs
  • Fault recorder
  • Unique rechargeable back-up battery to record major dips and interruptions
  • Multiple field replaceable hot swap communication and I/O modules

eXpertpower™ Web Service

eXpertPower™ Web Service

Energy management web application offering monitoring, data analysis,  billing, power quality analysis and more.