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Increase customer satisfaction

Smart metering is the prerequisite for gaining a real handle on the quality of service your consumer is getting. Use SATEC meters and software to monitor customer consumption and to promise satisfaction!

Expedite Outage Management: detect causes and recover

Every power distributor tries to eliminate outages, but if and when they do happen, you’ll do everything to speed up the process of recovery. SATEC products will enlighten you with high resolution accurate information that will enable you to detect the cause of the outage and recover maximum areas in minimum time.

Audit Power Quality: analyze waveforms & trends

Power Quality is becoming more and more of an issue. Customers are demanding explanations, solutions and even compensation for events that cause costly damage to their electronic equipment.
SATEC’s state of the art solutions provide the tools you need to analyze the events long before they cause damage to customers’ equipment or distributor’s reputation.

Manage remote substations and customer sites

SATEC’s cohesive package built of hardware and eXpertPower™, our over-the-web energy management package, enable you manage remote locations from any place at any time.

PM172 Advanced Power & Revenue Meter

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PM180 Universal IED & Controller

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