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High Performance Analyser for Versatile Uses

SATEC eXpertMeter PM180 is a high performance analyser that allows versatile uses. The high performance of the eXpertMeter, together with the unique flexible design of the expansion cards, enables its use in large variety of applications, in which it can substitute several other devices which saves costs, space and complexity.

Examples of Applications

  • IED with IEC 61850 protocol
  • Substation and industrial automation controller
  • High accuracy power quality analyser (PQA)
  • Check meter, check meter
  • Fault recorder
  • Protection relay
  • Sequence of Events (SoE)

PM180 Screen Shots

RGM180 3-Phase

PM180 Phasor

PM180 Event

PM180 Spectrum

  • Manuals/Data Sheets

  • Features

  • Each function of the PM180 uses cutting edge technologies to provide maximum performance and flexibility while keeping it cost-effective:

    Various Measurement and Protection Channels

    • 4 voltages (4th voltage AC/DC), 4 currents
    • Optional additional 4 or 8 current channels for fault analysis
    • Transient recording (option) of 2kV at 1024 samples per cycle (16/20μS at 60/50Hz)
    • Digital fault recorder option – up to 50/100A current

    Measurement to the Highest Available Standards

    • Power measurements– IEC 61000-4-30 Class A
    • Energy measurements – IEC 62052-22 Class 0.2S / 0.05%
    • Power Quality Analysis – EN 50160, IEEE 1159, GOST R 54149-2010

    Fault Protection and Data Recording

    • 256 MB on board memory
    • 4 Simultaneous waveform loggers
    • Pre- and post-fault waveform logging
    • Standard and programmable thresholds

    Multiple Communication Ports and Protocols

    • Standard communication: Ethernet, USB, RS 232/422/485
    • Optional communication: IR, front USB, 2G/3G Modem, Fiber Optic Ethernet, Dialup Modem, Profibus and WiFi
    • Standard protocols: Modbus RTU, ASCII, Modbus/TCP,DNP 3.0, DNP3/TCP
    • Optional protocols: IEC 61850, MMS and GOOSE Messaging, Profibus

    Advanced Automation and Control Capabilities

    • Up to 48 digital inputs
    • Up to 24 relay outputs
    • Up to 12 analog I/O
    • 1ms sampling rate
    • Comprehensive programming logic
    • Accurate time synchronisation (SNTP, DI, IRIG-B)

    Robust Construction and Design

    • 3 hot-swap expansion cards
    • Optional redundant power supply and Ethernet port
    • Compact half 19” 3U high