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The Ideal Tool for Power Quality Tests

The EDL Portable Analyser is a multifunction power meter, from 3-phase AC to power quality to fault recorder. This power meter uses a large setpoint programming suitable for all AC network applications, to meet any analysis requirement.

The portable analyser complies with IEC61000-4-30 standard class A, as well as with EN50160, with built-in automatic compliance reports.

The EDL Portable Analyser measures, records and analyses events and data of electrical network parameters. The EDL meets the requirements of a wide range of applications, from events analysis to energy auditing and load profile recording over a period of time.

This instrument incorporates all the measurement, logging and power quality capabilities of the PM175 power meter in a convenient portable package, and includes the PAS software package which provides graphic data display and analysis capabilities.

The EDL includes a data backup battery and offers a selection of current measuring probes.

Take it to the next level

Together with eXpertPower™ Pro, the EDL175 provides a complete solution for portable monitoring. The online eXpertPower™ Pro service provides a set of Power Quality analysis tools alongside weekly and annual standard compliance reports.