C191HM Harmonic Manager

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Energy Multimeter and Harmonic Analyser


This product will be discontinued soon. It is recommended to consider using the PM130 PLUS and 12DIOR for the most advanced SATEC technology

The C191HM Energy Multimeter with the Harmonic Analyser measures, monitors and controls individual harmonic and energy parameters via display. Provides full analysis of harmonics distortion flow via communication.

Harmonic Analysis – via PAS

Below: FFT Analyser, Oscillography Harmonics
FFT Analyser Oscillography Harmonics
Below: Power Direction of Harmonics, Table
Power Direction of Harmonics Table

  • Manuals/Data Sheets

  • Features
    • Displays up to the 39th harmonic
    • Displays K-Factor per phase current
    • 8 programmable relay outputs
    • Alarm indications