Managing Metering Assets under ISO55000

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Managing Metering Assets under ISO55000
  • Are you managing your Energy Metering assets?
  • Do you manage your Metering assets manually?
  • Can you retrieve asset information from meter display?
  • Do you have records in place for Model Numbers?
  • Do you have Serial Number records?
  • Do you have Firmware/Software Version?
  • Can you identify MAC Address if using Ethernet Communications?
  • How do you manage Warranty Replacements?
  • Do you have a history of event logs?
  • How can you manage metering re-validation expiring dates?
  • Can your Energy Meter provide this information via communications interrogation?
  • What procedures are in place to validate metering data?

Metering is now an important asset in all requirements for the management of Energy performance criterias. Managing those assets today is greater than past requirements ensuring such needs as traceability, maintenance, testing, password security, validation and re-validation, age of asset etc. Any absence of procedures in place to ensure current and future records are adequate will result in a difficult task when reconciling past, present and future installations.

Maximising the value of the asset from its installation time to its end of life, during maintenance, testing, re-validation, re-calibration, firmware upgrades, reliability, replacement, diagnostics, ensures any long term management policies are applicable with local legislation, regulatory and statutory requirements that may or may not be in place today. This also provides managing the whole life cost of the metering asset in addition to change of management asset history.

SATEC offers the solution with “Smart Metering Asset” providing access to information on the SATEC Metering installed via communications RS485 and/or Ethernet TCP/IP with Modbus registers providing:

  • Device Serial Number
  • Device ID Number
  • Device Model Name
  • Device Firmware Version Number
  • Device Firmware Build Number
  • Ethernet MAC Address
  • Date/Time
  • Event Logs
  • Voltage (VT Ratio)
  • Current (CT Ratio)
  • System Configuration

 With ISO 55001 reference to data management, dependability, equipment management, commissioning process, energy management, installing “Smart Metering Asset” will enable an efficient process to manage metering assets ongoing and assist with managing Energy Audits per AS/NZS3598 along with NABERS and Green Star metering data validation.

All SATEC meters include test reports providing traceability to tested standards including where applicable test certificates per NMI NITP 14 for NMI Electricity Billing metering.

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